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"Thank you for all that you have done for FirstCrescent Designs. You have started me on a track of professional accurate bookkeeping that of course is critical to the success of any business. I want to tell you how pleased I am with your methodical approach. You are extremely thorough, your teaching methods are direct and easy to understand, and  you are obviously extremely competent in setting up the systems. Watching you train our staff further affirmed your skills. I look forward to a long-term relationship with your company and the hope is that my business will grow and all of us will benefit from your efforts."


Stan Krome
FirstCrescent Designs
Santa Barbara, CA


Tough job with amazing results - professional, detail-oriented, independent

"We had no idea how much we needed Terrie's help - a three week projected timeline turned into almost three months. Her diligence, professionalism and ability to read between the lines saved us time and money. She discovered missing funds that we have now recovered and re-categorized all of our accounts and transactions to create readable, understandable, and accurate reports for our owners and other parties. She has developed procedures for us to follow to keep our books in order and is always available to answer questions and assist. She's great. You'll be happy with Terrie!"


Set up and maintenance of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, Training of staff, ongoing consulting and troubleshooting, our superhero.

"Terrie is a master of QB technology, however, that's not the foremost thing that comes to mind. It is her consistent, flexible, and thorough customer care approach that sets her apart.

We are a small corporation doing almost a million in sales each year. I am the bookkeeper. Terrie went above and beyond the call of duty to put our accounting in order last year, an enormous task. With her ongoing consulting we have been able to maintain the systems she put in place.

Most importantly, she has been a teacher to me which has saved our company incalculable time, energy and money. When I need her, I call her, she answers my questions, explains herself clearly--and adjusts her approach if there is any lack of understanding on my part.

She makes herself available, she is fair, smart, personable, and has become a friend. You will be fortunate to retain her services, I cannot give a higher recommendation."


Setup and instruct QuickBooks

"Terrie is knowledgeable, reliable, easily accessible and interested in doing her clients the best service possible. I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so."


Accounting / General QuickBooks assistance

"We are extremely happy to have Terrie's expertise whenever we need her. After she helped us straighten out our books we still rely on her with all other questions that might come up. She is simply a wonderful and enthusiastic person with a wealth of knowledge. Moreover she is reliable and has an amazing "Can Do" attitude. I highly recommend her for all aspects of QuickBooks"


Setup, configuration, and training

"I own and operate several small business. None of these are simple nor standard. All business owners know that bookkeeping is the most important part of any business. I hired Terrie 2 years ago, to setup and train my bookkeeper which she did. Although I contract with Terrie currently on an as-needed basis, I consider her one of the team.

Terrie is extremely helpful, pleasant, and intelligent. She is very adept at handling complex accounting problems and most importantly configuring QuickBooks to handle all of these unforeseen nuances.

I am happy to give Terrie an A++ rating. If you hire anyone else you are making a mistake."


"Since I have been working with Terrie, my business has been operating much more efficiently. I am consistently impressed with her wide range of knowledge, her ability to explain things in a clear manner, her punctuality, professionalism and her enthusiastic and cheerful personality. I am very happy with her services and have referred her to my closest friends. I highly recommend her for any business."


"Terrie Longo has been so helpful to me. She is always pleasant and professional. It is great to have her there to help me when I need it. I have even referred her to others."